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Your Condescension is Showing

So I was working at self checkout again today.  Most of the day went ok, no stupidity to report (or at least none that I had the pleasure to deal with).  Suddenly it got very quiet at the self check…..a little too quiet.  I walked out to the front area and looked over at the regular register next to my station.  Dear god a line was forming!  I quickly walked up to the last customer in the line.

Now, the following is only a small complaint, but for some reason it really hacked me off today.

Me: Sir, I have no one at self checkout right now if you would like to come over and not wait in this line.

Him: No thanks I’m fine here. *condescending smile*

Me: are you sure?  I will do it for you.  You won’t have to do anything but pay.

Him: *same smile* No I’m fine here.

I walk back to self-check.

This would have been fine if it had ended here.  BUT, once he had finally paid and was on his way out he made it a point to mention to one of the others that we really needed to have more cashiers avaiable because he had to “wait forever in line”.

This kind of frustrated me.  I mean, had I not just tried to help him?  Was I not, at the time, a cashier?  The only difference was that I was running 4 interactive registers instead of just one plain register.  I hate how these people who refuse to use the self check because they think it’s “taking away jobs.”  They have no idea how many new tech people were hired and programmers to program them.  And we don’t have less employees because of it, we just made it possible for three people, who would be stuck at a register, to be on the sales floor assisting customers. But don’t worry, next time we will pull the person off the sales floor in the department you are going to be shopping in so that he/she can be waiting at a register just for you.

…Bet you didn’t think about that, asshat…

Just shows that in general, so many customers just cannot be pleased no matter what we do.


6 Responses to “Your Condescension is Showing”

  1. I never thought about self-checkouts “taking away human jobs” like that before. Of course, I have my degree from Common Sense so…

    I think it’s really just a change issue. It’s different, therefore it’s evil and we should steer clear of its promises of a quick checkout and no hassles. Even my folks were a little weary of the idea for a while until I continually pressured them into trying one out when there was obviously no one in the lines there, and the lines for the normal lines were long.

    Safe to say that doesn’t happen much anymore.

  2. Methinks the guy was all set to complain and you offering to help him would have deprived him of that.

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  4. check out my blog and you may think twice about self check outs. so they hire more tech people. that’s great. but with this recession and all, you do realize that there are kids out there and adults who need a job or second job and these machines take away from it. you need some kind of degree to get a job in tech, and what better than to start with a job to pay for college than to work at a register. but then you forgot you just took 3 peoples jobs away with self scan. and they don’t save the company any money, as one self scan costs $10,000, which is an average minimum wage jobs salary. never mind the cost of getting it fixed which adds up. it is actually cheaper to hire a person than to have a machine. and i find those machines to be faulty. check out my blog to see how i explain why i hate self scan with a passion. nevermind the annoy voice of that woman i want to shoot after listening to her for six hours and i had actually had dreams about it. kinda creepy.

  5. You seem to have missed my point. Those three people that aren’t at registers checking people out can instead be put on the sales floor so that customers can get help finding things easier.

    But in case that doesn’t clear it up for you here is the actual quote from the blog:

    “And we don’t have less employees because of it, we just made it possible for three people, who would be stuck at a register, to be on the sales floor assisting customers.”

  6. not necessarily. just because there are no longer cashier jobs doesn’t mean there are more sales floor people. cashiers tend to switch jobs within, and cashiers are more disposable than sales floors. we rarely hire people to do grocery dept or produce because you only need like 5 people (grocery needs more obviously, but there are different shifts). the other depts don’t need many people. HBC needs like 5 people total, one manager and two full timers, and then maybe 2 part timers. produce just needs a manager and two full timers, then a few part time. deli requires a little more, but not much. seafood there’s like 3 people. so no. we would have less employees. and now places like stop and shop are trying to get rid of depts and have everything premade to be on shelves. they are already cutting people out of deli and meat and bakeshop by having stuff shipped instead of being done right at the shop.

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