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A present, well sort of.

July 23, 2008

So I’ve had this blog up and have enough people reading it that I decided I owe it to all of you to get…….drumroll………a T-shirt!!!!  And some other pretty cool stuff with our super awesome logo on it. Now I am not asking everyone to buy one, that’s not why I did it. I […]

Your Condescension is Showing

July 22, 2008

So I was working at self checkout again today.  Most of the day went ok, no stupidity to report (or at least none that I had the pleasure to deal with).  Suddenly it got very quiet at the self check…..a little too quiet.  I walked out to the front area and looked over at the […]

Self Checkout (is not) For Dummies

July 17, 2008

It’s a wonder how many people come through our self checkout (probably true for any retail place with such a machine) and think that IT is the problem when things don’t go smoothly.  Case in point, how many times do I have to explain that the bagging area is actually a scale that weighs the […]


July 12, 2008

So the move is over. I’ve started at my new store. Expect more fun stories soon, once we are all settled and I have more time ^_^