The Customer is NOT Always Right
Misadventures in Retail


Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days. I am in the process of moving. I had the day off yesterday, but when I got to work I was presented with proof that the stupid people aren’t just there to see me.

Apparently the cashier at returns (ever notice how the majority of the stupid people I write about are returning things?) was having a problem with a customer. The guy was returning something without a receipt and yelling at the cashier because he wouldn’t give him cash back. Our policy states that if you return something without a receipt you get store credit (that way if you steal something and we let you return it, you have to give the money back to us-HA!). The customer was being so loud that the service desk the department head heard it and came to help. She too explained the policy to the customer. At this point the guy stepped behind the returns desk and got in the face of the department head. He was again being very loud with his berating. The assistant store manager (ASM) heard this and came running up to the desk. Two customers began to call the police on their phones as the man began to yell all forms of four letter words at the ASM. The ASM calmly informed the customer that our policy is set up by our corporate office, and that even if we wanted to give him cash, our computer would not allow it.

So the customer shoved the ASM backwards. The ASM said something about him being on video for assault now.

Then the customer swung and punched the ASM in the chest, knocking the wind out of him and ran out of the store.

Evidently the police had responded quickly so the man didn’t get very far.

Seriously…What is the point of that? I mean, sure our policies aren’t the best, but they are put there to protect the business. What good does punching someone over it do? I’m quite sure our corporate execs aren’t going to look at the tapes and say, “Gee, maybe we should let people get cash back without a receipt. Quick, change it before some other poor ASM gets hit with a haymaker!”

Just not happening, sorry.

Hope the jail time is worth your wasted tantrum.


One Response to “TKO?”

  1. Mike Tyson would be so proud. I don’t think the majority of idiots in todays society realize that alot of businesses, especially chains, have cameras in store recording all the fun stuff that happens while the store is open and omgosh closed. What is funny is that man had an alotted amount of time to think about what he was going to say once he got into the store before he actually got there. I wonder if punching someone in the chest was part of his little dialogue. I don’t see how or why people think that just because you work in a store it means you are there specifically to serve them and their needs. I am sorry but didn’t we abolish slavery? I think we did, yeah pretty sure we did. The more I work with the public the more I realize how stupid they really are but yet I still choose to work jobs that require me to interact with “them”. I think I would enjoy it if someone were to punch me. There are many ways to injure a person with a clothes hanger…Wasn’t it Joan Crawford who taught the world the joys of the ” Wire Hanger”? Not the wire hangers Christina! Good times my friends, Good Times.

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