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You Have to Work for That Refund, Brother!

So today’s story will be short, mainly because it’s late and I had to work all day. Sorry, I will try to make it up to my readers tomorrow.

It never amazes me how lazy customers can be at our store. The other day I had a guy come to the returns desk. He was returning some items he had special ordered. Well when you want to return items like that you have to go to our special service desk. I informed this customer of this fact.

“Well I’m not going all the way over there with this cart.” he replied sounding frustrated.

“Well I’m sorry but I can’t process your refund here. Special orders have to be dealt with at the service desk. That includes refunds on them.” I pointed at the service desk while I said this.

“I’m not going ALL THE WAY over there.” he practically yelled. “I’m coming here to return my items, because it is the returns desk.” I have to admit, he had a point. But, I don’t make the rules, and this guy was really acting like a baby.

“I understand you want to return it, and if I could, I would. Unfortunately my computer does not have the capability to process it. So you will have to take it to the service desk.”

“I am not going all the way over there.”

I pointed again, frustrated myself now, “Sir.  It’s only THREE feet over there, and that is the only place you can do it.” (It is really only that far away-ok, maybe like five feet.)

“Fucking god dammit” was his response as he pushed his cart over there. Once again, a very good point. And you all should take that to heart.



One Response to “You Have to Work for That Refund, Brother!”

  1. Wow…what a prick. He was lazy-ass sorry son of a bitch and thoroughbred bum. Forget him.

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