The Customer is NOT Always Right
Misadventures in Retail

Reimbursement for Stupidity?

I got a call at work the other day from a customer. It started out pleasant enough.

“Yes, I was in there just a few minutes ago and bought some things. When I got home a few things were not in my bag.”

“Do you remember what register you were at?” I asked, and then told him where to find the information on the receipt. So I went to the register and sure enough it was still there, only not just lying there, but in it’s own separate bag. “I have it right here” I informed the customer.

“So how are you going to reimburse me for using my gas to come back and get it?” he asked

“Well the cashier didn’t forget to put it in your bag, he put those items in their own bag. Maybe you forgot to grab it.”

“Well then why didn’t he make sure I took it.”

“Probably because he was busy and he didn’t realize you had forgotten it until he had finished with the next customer. By then you may have been out the door.”

“Well we weren’t moving very fast so I doubt that. He could have went outside to see if he could catch me.”

“Our cashiers are not allowed to leave their registers like that sir. It is a security issue.”

“So how do I get my shit?”

“You can come by and bring your receipt. I will write it down in our ‘left behind’ items book.”

“Well I will be shopping elsewhere from now on.”

Now, what I wanted to say here was, “Well good luck finding a place that will reimburse you for being stupid.” But instead I said “That is your choice sir, but I don’t think any other places would reimburse you for forgetting items either.”

After the call I went to talk to my cashier about it. He said that the guy had been mean, and rude, and caused a lot of problems during the transaction.

I think I may have forgotten to write his items down in that book. Oh well.


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