The Customer is NOT Always Right
Misadventures in Retail


Hello everyone.  I am a retail worker for a major hardware and home improvement retailer.  This is going to be my own personal area to blog about some of the more ridiculous customers I deal with.  So come and have a laugh with me at their expense.  Also feel free to comment with your own experiences.

Disclaimer:  This blog is mine.  For my entertainment and the entertainment of others who find it entertaining.  If you have a problem or something irks you, please don’t use this as a place to tell me off or tell me I am wrong.  Especially if you are a customer who has done something similar to what I write about.  The customer is NOT always right.


One Response to “Introduction/Disclaimer”

  1. This is just to say that I really enjoy your blog. Always nice to enjoy a laugh at my fellow humans expense sense the whole world gets so much amusement out of my wretched existence. 🙂

    NoOne at all
    from that place around the corner.

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